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We are currently recruiting intern counselors who have a strong interest in multicultural counseling and also able to provide counseling services in other languages. Our university faculty will provide regular supervisions in English.
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Title Recruiting Intern & Resident Counselors (2013 Fall)
Writer (E-Mail : info@yiccs.or.kr) Hit 463

Yonsei University Center for Counseling & Coaching Service opened International
Counseling Service to provide counseling to international students
and community members from other cultures. We are currently recruiting Intern,
Resident counselors. Under supervision of professors of counseling department,
we provide the clinical training and leaning opportunities of multicultural
counseling and care. If you have a interest to apply, submit required documents by
Sep. 11th (Wed.). After we review the documents, we will contact you for an

Interview Date: Sep. 13th. (Fri.) 10AM

Required documents:
1. Resume including educational backgrounds and a picture.
2. Certification of graduation
3. Certification of clinical experiences.


Orientation & Retreat Date : Sep. 27th. (Fri.) 10AM -Sep. 28th (Sat.) 10AM.

Contact information: 02-2123-6244, 
or info@yiccs.or.kr


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