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We are currently recruiting intern counselors who have a strong interest in multicultural counseling and also able to provide counseling services in other languages. Our university faculty will provide regular supervisions in English.
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Title 2013 YICC Interns Fall Retreat
Writer CICS (E-Mail : cics@cics.or.kr) Hit 571



Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present, and Envision the Future was the theme of the Yonsei International Counseling and Couching Services Fall Retreat. 13 interns, trainers and coordinators were privileged to be the first to use the Debu Islands Glass Museums new seminar and retreat facilities.


The overnight orientation and training from Friday October 27 to Saturday October 28 was filled with lots of fun, food and fellowship as any good retreat should be. The Glass Museum was a surprising and unique experience which put everyone at ease as they marveled at the magnificent glass sculptures and art. It was definitely worth the almost 2 hour drive in a cramped but very stylish mini cooper with great company.


After getting settled and setting the tone for the retreat with an opening service, the interns were in for some military style training. With a short drive to the sea side they embarked on a mountain hike which they were assured ahead of time wouldnt be too difficult. Almost 3 hours later, all the group was armed with lots of stories, new and closer connections and rocks which would be used for a sharing exercise later on that evening. Upon their return to the Museum, the tired group was joined by the Counseling Center Director Professor Soo-young Kwon, to enjoy fellowship and dinner together.


Overall the kick off to the fall semester internship proved to be a great opportunity to reflect on what had brought everyone together and enjoy some quality time celebrating being in the moment together and anticipating an exciting semester ahead for this semesters intake of Yonsei International Counseling and Couching Services interns.

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