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We are currently recruiting intern counselors who have a strong interest in multicultural counseling and also able to provide counseling services in other languages. Our university faculty will provide regular supervisions in English.
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Title ICCS signs MOU with Multi-Cultural Family Service Center
Writer CICS (E-Mail : cics@cics.or.kr) Hit 385

In November 2014, ICCS and Multi-Cultural Family Service Center agreed to support counseling for foreign workers and multicultural families in Korea.

Professor Soo Young Kwon, the executive director of YCCC, and Young Soo Kim, the head of  Multi-Cultural Family Service Center, met to discuss about cooperating to support foreign residents and multicultural families in Korea.

At Multicultural Family Service Center in Ansan, counseling is provided in five languages. Current programs include individual and couples counseling, but we are also planning to open group counseling in 2015.     

Lilly Lee, a counselor at ICCS, said she finds many intellectual and passionate foreigners. She is trying to support and encourage them to successfully adapt to Korean culture. She finds her time supporting muticultural families in Korea meaningful.   

To find out more about Multi-Cultural Family Service Center visit the following website: http://mfscen.org

And for more information on counseling at Ansan, please contact ICCS.

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