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We are currently recruiting intern counselors who have a strong interest in multicultural counseling and also able to provide counseling services in other languages. Our university faculty will provide regular supervisions in English.
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Title YICCS 2015 Summer Class
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This summer YICCS is offering a class on Psychopharmacology.

While counseling, we often come across(or will eventually come across) a situation in which basic knowledge of psychopharmacology can be helpful. For instance, a client can be taking a medication for depression; when you know basics about effect and side effects of medications, it can be helpful during counseling.

Thus, this summer semester class will be on Psychopharmacology.

Here is information on the class. If you are interested in taking a course or have questions, contact us by phone (070-4040-3081) or email (info@yiccs.co.kr).


2015 Summer semester Class- Psychopharmacology



Introduction to the course

    The purpose of this course primarily intended to provide basic information about medication used for mental issues.

    We will explore neuro - synaptic mechanism, current psychotropic medications used in the field of psychiatry based on DSM-5, and various side-effects of medications.  


    Preston, John D.; O'Neal, John H.; Talaga, Mary C., Handbook of Clinical Psychopharmacology for Therapists, New Harbinger, 2003.

    John Preston, James Johnson; Clinical Psychopharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple, 8th edition.Medmaster, 2014.


Class dates and time: 07/03/2015 ~07/24/2015

(Every Friday 1:30PM - 5:30PM, Total: 4 classes)


Tuition fee: \ 150,000 

Lecturer: 弮 ڻ (Dr. Suk Yeon Jang)  

Lecturer Profile - Dr. Suk Yeon Jang  

    Ewha Womens University Phmarcy major (B.S.)

    ̱ Pacific Lutheran Theological Union M.Div.

    ̱ Graduation Theological Union M.A. (Religion & Psychology)

    United Graduate School of Theology, Yonsei University, Doctor of Counseling & Coaching ELCA Pastor, 

    Manager, International Counseling & Coaching Service


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