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We are currently recruiting intern counselors who have a strong interest in multicultural counseling and also able to provide counseling services in other languages. Our university faculty will provide regular supervisions in English.
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Title Hong Jing(YICCS counselor) on JTBC's Show
Writer 관리자 (E-Mail : info@yiccs.or.kr) Hit 471
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Hong Jing, one of our Chinese counselors, appeared on JTBC show, White Swan.

The show, White Swan, is a make over show: http://home.jtbc.joins.com/Plan/PlanMean.aspx?prog_id=PR10010367&menu_id=PM10030551

They considered importance of inner and outer changes for the show's main character.

It was aired on August 3rd(Monday). To see the show again, you can click the following link and watch the episode 10: http://home.jtbc.joins.com/Vod/Vod.aspx?prog_id=PR10010367&menu_id=PM10030564

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